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You’re A Thief – Becca’s Mom Tells Son-In-Law​

Imagine carrying a child in your womb you 9 months, going through the pain of child birth, nurturing your child and helping him or her be successful and happily married, only for his or her spouse to call you a witch and the worst part is, that your child believes it. 

I believe it’s a pain you cannot get over. Well, am guessing that this same pain is what Julie Yiadom-Oti, the mother of Ghanaian musician Becca is feeling right now.

It was alleged, that Becca’s Nigerian husband- Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni accused the mother of his wife- Becca of being a witch and forbade Becca from seeing her mother since she gave birth. (I have heard of cases where wives accuse their mother-in-law’s of witchcraft, but not the other way round though) 

A source close to the Becca’s family disclosed to GhanaCelebraties.Com that Becca’s mother, who lives in the UK is heartbroken because she has not seen or touched her granddaughter since she was born. She has only seen the photos on the internet like many of us, because of the allegations to which her daughter has bought into.

In a live interview with Editor-in-Chief of GhanaCelebraties.Com, Chris Vincent, the mother of the musician had a lot to say concerning the issue.

She called Becca’s husband a thief who is after her daughter’s money.

Watch video below: