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Compare the life span of our four fathers to recent times and you will realise that there is a vast difference. Why you think this is the case? It is not black magic if that is what you think, the secret is in the food they ate and the work they used to do.

We see eating junk food and setting in an office or a comfortable place as a luxurious lifestyle, but little do we do know that these practices will be the death of us. 

Eating healthy is a very important habit that everyone needs to practice. It is an aspect of our everyday life that we have control over. So what then should we eat?


Vegetables are naturally low in fat, high in fibre and contain lots of nutrients which help prevent heart diseases, obesity, type two diabetes and other related health problems. I must admit, vegetables are quiet expensive but nevertheless, it needs to be included in your diet. You cannot go wrong with your carrot, cabbage, lettuce, green pepper and onions which are relatively cheaper that the others.

Prepare a delicious stair fry or make a bowl of salad with your vegies. Trust me, it tastes amazing. (Comment below if you want me to post a recipe).


There is no two ways about it, you should eat fruits EVERYDAY. A finger of banana, a slice of mango, apple, watermelon, pineapple and the like will go a long way. Fruits are filed with the goodness of essential nutrients which helps your body in so many ways. You can make a fruit salad with a variety of fruits or blend them into a smoothie. You can also add it to your vegetable salad for a yummy taste.


Use minimal oil in cooking. Too much oil puts you at a risk of high cholesterol which can lead to a whole lot of complications. Roast/ grill your meat, fish, and potatoes instead of frying.


Substitute your white rice with brown rice. Eat bread made with wheat. The fibre in grains is good for your health.


For those who think you need to go to the gym to exercise, you do not have to. There are home exercises you can do which will be as effective as going to the gym and You Tube has a variety of home workouts you can choose from.

written by Innocentia