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Women Demonstrators Storm Prophet Badu Kobi’s Church

Some few days ago, controversial man of God, Prophet Badu Kobi made some unpleasant comments against Ashanti women during his church sermon.

According to him, Ashanti women are materialistic, greedy, disrespectful, and money conscious

 He went on to say that Ashanti women who are married really hate it when their husbands are faced with financial difficulties, and asked men who are aspiring for marriage to stay away from them.

He received a lot of backlash from Ghanaians and was asked to retract his earlier statement because what he said was indirectly an insult to the Queen mother of the Ashanti Kingdom

But the prophet vehemently refused to retract his comment or offer an apology.

On Sunday, August 4, 2019 (Today), a number of women besieged his church, Glorious Wave Church International at Skumono and called on him to take back what he said because he is promoting ethnocentrism rather than preaching the word of God.

The women, who were clad in red held placards with various inscriptions, some of which read; ‘’Ashanti women are not greedy. Fantis women are not stupid, Ewe women are not clueless, etc.