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Woman Busted For Littering

Ghana has been trying to fight poor sanitation for as long as I can remember. We see people in the news all the time calling upon the government to do something about the sanitation problem we face in the country.

But it’s like most of us forget that we brought this upon ourselves due to our poor sanitation management methods and that if we want the government to help, we first need to help ourselves by avoiding the dumping of refuse haphazardly.

It looks like the police are stepping up to punish culprits who dump refuse anyhow.

An unidentified woman has been made to pick up litter at Kejetia in the Ashanti Region for allegedly throwing a sachet of water on the street.

In a picture which went viral on social media, the woman was seen in a red skirt with a white top and was being escorted by the police as she picked up rubbish on a stretch of the kejetia road.

This is a good initiation which will help us solve this problem if it continues.