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White Police Officer Shoots Unarmed Black Man Seven Times In The Back In Front Of His Children

An unarmed black dad has been shot in the back seven times by a white police officer in front of his children after they were called to a domestic dispute.

Jacob Blake, 29, is in hospital in a serious condition following the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday evening that has sparked anger in the community.

Graphic footage of the shooting shows Mr Blake walking to his car and opening the driver’s door before a police officer grabs him from behind, pulls the white t-shirt he is wearing and shots ring out seven times.

There are three policeman pointing a gun at Mr Blake and it is unclear if more than one officers fired shots.

According to local reports Mr Blake’s children were inside the SUV and watched in horror as their dad was gunned down at around 5pm.

The video went viral on social media resulting in hundreds of protesters gathering outside Kenosha police station chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ and other slogans denouncing the police.

However the protest sparked rioting and looting in the area after demonstrators set fire to vehicles and smashed police cruiser windows during a face-off with officers.

Officers formed a cordon around the front doors of the police station before firing off tear gas canisters to disperse the large crowd that had gathered there.

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