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Wendy Shay Offers Ex-President Kufour An Apology​

Just yesterday, a picture of the Uber Driver hit maker Wendy Shay with former president Kufuor went viral for the wrong reasons.

The former president was seen staring at what seems like Shay’s bosom in the picture. The singer quickly deleted the picture from her Instagram after receiving a lot of backlash from fans because of her caption and her choice of outfit, but it looks like deleting the picture didn’t do much good because the harm had already been done. 

The caption read ‘’Kufuor P3 hw3. Finally met my former chief Uber driver’’

It is said that ‘’realise your mistakes as soon as possible. It’s better’’. It looks like Wendy Shay has realised she made a mistake and has rendered an apology to the ex-president.

Below is the full apology captured from her Instagram page