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Wendy Shay is completely Dumb – Prince David Osei

Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei is not backing down on his opinion that Wendy Shay is a Shallow minded person.

According to him, her answer to the question; what is your worth?, which she was asked during an interview was “Shallow.”

When asked if he had anything against her, he answered; “No No No.” He however had this to say about what he meant by she being ‘Shallow’

“A person of her pedigree, she’s an icon. She’s someone the kids look up to, people look up to you. How can you ask an icon, a so-called superstar that what is your worth musically and she says she has a lot of things like iPad, iPhone and kids look up to you?”

He also added, “The one that even broke the camel’s back was when they asked her what her worth was and she said she hasn’t checked, she has to go and check online… That’s complete dumbness”

Watch video below