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Meet Owura-Kwaku Sarkodieh, the Ghanaian –USA citizen who believes he is going to be the president of the United States of America very soon.

In an interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV, he gave a brief history about himself and how he decided to venture into politics.

Kweku Sarkodieh, alias Sarkody was born in Asante New Town (Ash town) in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

He had his elementary school education at Kingsbridge International School-Old Kuadasu. He then attended Kings International SHS and later to Opoku Ware Senior High where he had his Secondary School education. He had the opportunity to travel to the USA after three weeks of completing and has since been staying there for the past 20 years now.

He completed University of Massachusetts (Lowell) where he studied Economics and Business Management. He later pursued a Masters Degree in criminal justice and is currently studying law at Massachusetts School of law at Andover in the United States. He is married to one Charity Sarkodie with whom he has four children.

He also talked about how he became a citizen of the United States of American on June 3rd2005 and he is very proud of it. When asked why he loves the USA so much, he said the US is a great place where your every dream can become a reality.

According to him, he was encouraged by friends to venture into politics 15 years ago but He dismissed the idea. He further stated that during the 2008 election he met Bill Clinton and was encouraged by him to find an issue He can work with in the area of politics and do so. He again made mention of how other elite personalities also told him he had the potential of a great politician. It was after these words of encouragements and other related activities which led Him to venture into politics.

He said to his children ‘’we will take over the land of America’’.

He is currently running for Mayor of Boston and believes that if 80% of Ghanaians vote for him he can win by a land slide.

He believes that prayer and grace are the secrets of success and not just hard work. He is positive,  that if he is voted into power, he will be able to push for change in the US which will be in the best interest of all, especially Ghanaians.