Watch: Mzbel’s Advice To Efua Schwar

During a recent interview, Mzbel was asked about her recent issues with Afia Schwarzenegger and she had quite a lot to say. She revealed that she met Afia about 4-5 years ago at a celebrity’s birthday party and they became good friends. 

Recently, Afia Schawar accused Mzbel of sleeping with her boyfriend, when Mzbel was asked about it; she again stressed on the fact that Afia does not have a boyfriend and pays men to sleep with her but only said that to make her angry.

When asked why she would allow Afia to tarnish her image, the stated that she is not the only one Afia does that to, because if she has an issue with someone she behaves that way and she believes that it’s out of fear

Mzbel explained that she has been asked to stay away from Afia Schawar several times but she didn’t want to have any issue with her because of what someone has said.

She also revealed that Afia needs someone around to help her and that she lacks something in her life but cannot pinpoint what exactly it is

She advised Afia to be herself and to stop being an attention seeker because people love her for who she is and she doesn’t have to prove herself everywhere she goes

‘’there is so much love in this life so she should come down and experience it and stop fighting everybody, it’s not necessary’’ she advised.

Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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