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Watch: Mzbel Fires 🔥🔥 Back At Afia Schwarzenegger​

Mzbel and Afia Schwarzenegger have been friends for a long time, but their friendship fell on the rocks after Afia revealed in an interview that Mzbel betrayed their friendship and also gave out the papers of her house to someone to sue her.

Mzbel however denied these allegations and asked for it to be disregarded. During a recent interview Mzbel had with Zion Felix, she revealed that she will never be friends with Afia Schwarzenegger ever again.

This revelation agitated Afia who also fired shots at both Mzbel and Zion Felix in a video. She called them all sorts of names and accused Mzbel of sleeping with her boyfriend.

Well, it looks like the bad blood between the friends-turned enemies is not ending soon.

Mzbel’s fans asked her to address the issue of her sleeping with Afia Schwar’s boyfriend in a video shared on social media.

She referred her fans back to an interview where Afia revealed that she doesn’t have a boyfriend but pays men to sleep with her.

She asked if it’s one of those guys Afia is talking about or she really has a boyfriend because she has not slept with Afia’s boyfriend

As to whether Afia will reply Mzbel or not is unknown, we just have to wait and see.