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(VIDEO) Sorry for raising my voice at you – Elikem Kumordzie tells Kofi Adjorlolo

Elikem Kumodzie Apologize To Kofi Adjorlolo

Ghanaian actors Elikem Kumordzie aka Elikem the Tailor yesterday had a clash with veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo on live radio where the matter of some movie producers was been discussed. 

In the cause of the argument, the young actor raised his voice at his senior colleague over some comments he passed and this got social media users angry as to why Elikem would shout at the veteran actor. 

In a new development, Elikem has recorded a video to render an apology to the veteran actor for been disrespectful towards him during the interview.

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According to Elikem in the video, after thinking over what happened yesterday, he realized he was at fault and that he shouldn’t have shouted on Adjorlolo.

He explained that what angered him was the fact that Kofi Adjorlolo made reference to his late father whom he holds dear to his heart and got carried away when he made the statement that “he should go and apologize to his late father”. 

He continued that though the statement got to him, he could have handled it maturely than let his emotions take over him.

Watch the video below: