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Video: Lack of proper structure, supervision bane of beauty pageants – Ola Michael

Ola Michael, Film producer

Ola Michael, Film producer

Film producer and director Ola Michael has attributed the disturbing stories of alleged victims of beauty pageants to lack of thorough supervision.

Speaking to JoyNews’ MzGee on The Gist, he stated that with no supervision, it has given many pageantries the opportunity to pimp girls to rich men in society.

“You get beautiful girls coming for auditions and as audition goes on, you are marking them…you say this will be good for this one (man) and that one is good for another person. People have done it before,” he alleged.

His submission comes after recent happenings in the camp of Miss Commonwealth where one of the finalists, Nana Ama Essien was allegedly tortured for stealing ¢500.

Though the allegation of battery could be peculiar to Miss Commonwealth, other pageantries including Miss Ghana have been saddled with similar controversies.

Chief Executive Officer of Miss Noble Ghana, Regina Adu Safowaa, has recently disclosed that her pageantry was accountable to no institution. 

She revealed that beyond registration at the Registrar General Department there was no supervision or code of conduct for the pageantries.

“There is nothing like that. This is my 2nd edition, I have met so many girls through my audition no girl till date can tell me I sent her to any man but there no institution in charge beyond registrar general,” Adu Safowaa said.

But Ola Micheal disagrees.

Ola Micheal who is also an entertainment pundit believes the lack of supervision is what has birthed pimps who disguise themselves as organizers of pageantry.

“No monitoring, no supervision, nothing that is the problem. She told you there is no supervisory authority where she has to report to and that is the problem.

“If we keep doing that we will always have people who will come up with ideas and the idea is not what they are after but what they will get from the girls,” he added.