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VIDEO: Epixode Aggressively Arrested By Ghana Police

Epixode Aggressively Arrested By The Police

Epixode Aggressively Arrested By The Police

A new video making waves on social media suggests that Ghanaian Dancehall musician, Epixode has been arrested by Ghana Police.

In the video, he was seen struggling to be set free. We are yet to get the main reason for his arrest but so far a video of his “Rambo-style” arrest has surfaced on social media and people are talking about it.

Epixode as we know isn’t the violent type who would go searching for trouble not to talk of falling in one which would cause the Police to come to arrest him.

The two heavily-built policemen physically assaulted Epixode, bundled him aggressively and dragged him like a hardened criminal in a bid to arrest him.

Watch video below: