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Video: 9 year Old Boy Builds Over 30 Mobile Games

A 9 year old boy, Basil Okpara has built over 30 mobile games with a free computer software.

The tech savvy kid hails from Nigeria and has been able to develop many mobile games with a software known as scratch 2.

The Scratch 2 software aid users to create animations, games as well as both online and offline stories.

From the comfort of his home, 9 year old Basil Okpara has managed to generate over 30 mobile games.

According to his father, he challenged the boy to do something better with all the time he ‘wastes’ sitting behind his laptop to play games.

“Out of annoyance, I said to him, ‘you are always playing games, can’t you think about building your own games so others can play yours too?”.

Apparently Basil Okpara took the statement of his Dad seriously when he was only saying it out of annoyance.