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Vicky Zugah’s Curse Is Broken (Video)

From one failed relationship to another, Actress Vicky Zugah has been struggling when it comes to relationships.

Many months ago, one Prophet Prince Elisha revealed to actress Vicky Zugah that she has been cursed by a married woman whose husband Vicky had an affair with.

According to the Prophet, Vicky dated a married man in the past and he used to spend a lot of money on her. His wife found out and confronted her; warning Vicky to stay away from her husband. Immediately the woman left, she called her sugar daddy (the woman’s husband) and reported his wife to him. The unknown man picked her up to his house and warned his wife to stay away from him sugar baby with beatings.

This, the Prophet revealed hurt the woman who cursed Vicky in her absence to suffer the same fate as she did in any relationship she finds herself.

He explained that it is because of this why she gets beaten up by men she dates, and that if she does not apologize to the woman she will continue to suffer this fate for the rest of her life.

Just some few hours ago, Vicky Zugah revealed in a video on Instagram that, after searching for weeks, she has finally found the married woman who cursed her and has apologized for the pain she put her through.

She was accompanied by her family and her pastor and by the grace of God; the woman has accepted her apology.

She thanks everyone who supported her during this period especially Prophet Elisha and his wife.