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TV Africa renders an apology to Juliet Ibrahim

Some days ago,Juliet Ibrahim rained insults a TV Africa presenter who mocked her failed marriage and in the process she called the TV station “dead”.

Aba Guy Guy, another TV Africa presenter who was offended by what the actress said about the TC station also lambasted her in a video.

Reacting to this issue, TV Africa has apologized to Juliet Ibrahim and has invited her on their morning show ‘Breakfastlive’ to talk about her book.

TV Africa tagged Juliet to an apology letter which reads;

Dear Juliet Ibrahim,

The Management and Staff of TV Africa have noticed the harsh words meted to you by one of our presenters Aba Guy Guy

While we understand her anger towards the generalization of your statement in response to our Pae Mu Ka show where another presenter Akosua Sexy, picked a gossip on social media to talk about (typical of the concept of the show which will not change), we think that this was indeed unfriendly and acrid. It is a departure from the gleaming and deferential style of the TV station.

It is regrettable and we are thus remorseful for these acts. We have taken steps to withdraw the video from the social media page as a sign of correction.

We however wished that you had not made the damning comments initially and the unfortunate comparative picture you posted.

We are friends and this should not bruise our relationship at all.

We are by this inviting you on our morning show Breakfastlive to discuss your book – A TOAST TO LIFE. Let’s make up pleasantly.
Management & Staff (TV Africa)

(Managing Director)

This is the second apology letter the beautiful actress has received this month. This first one was spotted from her ex boyfriend, Ice berg Slim.( read story here)