‘’There Is No Plan For Jussie To Return To Empire’’- Fox Ceo Confirms

If you are a fan of Empire and you love Jamal Lion, am sorry to tell you that we will not be seeing him in the season female of the Musical series.

It has been confirmed by CEO of Fox that, Jussie Smollet, who plays Jamal Lion on the hit series Empire will not be appearing in the series finale after he allegedly faked his own hate crime.

Fox television CEO, Charlie Collier, confirmed that the lovable actor won’t be returning for the shows finally. This, he revealed during the Fox Television Critics Association Tour on Wednesday, August 7.

‘’ In case like this, you try to get all the information and make a good decision’’ he further explained. ‘’(Creator Lee Daniels) is right, there is no plan for Jussie to return to Empire…typically it’s about gathering right info and making sure we’re making the right decision,’’ he stated.

In March this year, Jussie was indicated with16 counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly taping a false report which suggests that two Nigerian brothers, Olabinjo Osundairo and Abimbola Osundairo attacked him in an alleged homophobic and racist hate crime in Chicago.

It was later alleged that Smollet paid the brothers an amount of $ 3,500 to orchestrate the attack.

He later pleaded not guilty and the charges against him were dropped at the end of March. He was however asked to pay $130,000 to cover the cost of working on the case.

Since the show debuted in 2015, Jamal Lion has been a character people love and to imagine an Empire without Jamal is heart-breaking. But it is what it is.

Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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