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The Sugar Daddy I Dated Before Medikal Wasn’t Over 50 Years – Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui has granted her second interview ever, because according to her, one thing about her job she dislikes is going for interviews.

During the interview, she was asked if the rumour that she was dating a sugar daddy is true. She revealed, that yes, she has dated a man who was much older than her, but he was not a sugar daddy.

She further revealed how disappointing it is that people attribute her success to ‘sugar daddies’ ‘because, before she became ‘Fella’she was a hardworking young lady.

She further explained that there are two types of sugar daddies; one is an elderly man who is married with children and the other type is an elderly man who is still single. She added that she does not see anything wrong with dating a sugar daddy because it is a matter of choice.

When asked if she is ready to marry Medikal, she stated that she is ever ready to marry him and made is clear that Medikal is not toying with her as people assume.

She also stated, that she has come to realise that in life, when you start to succeed, people tend to be jealous of you and that is when they start doing whatever they can to bring you down. This, she believes is the reason for her unending predicaments ever since she became a celebrity. 

Watch full interview below.