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Support Patapa’s Talent – Kofi Kinaata

The Fante rapper, Kofi Kinaata has asked Ghanaians to support Patapaa’s music instead of hating on him because he is talented.

Most people consider Patapaa’s songs to be noisy and senseless, but Kofi Kinaata thinks otherwise.

‘’I hate it when Ghanaians go hard on Patapaa because every musician is unique in his or her own way. If Ghanaians could enjoy a song like Man’s Not Hot by Michael Dapaah (BIG SHOQ) who didn’t really say anything in the song, then I don’t see why they should find fault with Patapaa’’,  he said.

He further stated that it is not easy to make a hit song, and if Patapaa’s could do it with ‘One Corner’ he sees no reason why people would disregard him.

He told Showbiz in an interview that, although Patapaa is being insulted, He is busy making money and building mansions.

‘’I hear he built a four-bedroom house with the money from One Corner and this is a guy who always rocks the stage. The earlier, we support him the better’’, he stated.

He also revealed that he wouldn’t mind collaborating with Patapaa on a song.