Strongman Refutes Claims That He Got Snubbed By A Lady When He Was A ‘Nobody’

Strongman is one of the fastest rising artists in Ghana and because of this; ladies are rushing for the musical icon.

A lady by name Ellen Adade recently lamented not accepting Strongman burner’s proposal when he was a no body. This, she wrote in the comment section of Strongman’s ‘Nana Ama’ music videos. The song, ’Nana Ama’ is Strongman’s latest hit song which is dedicated to his girlfriend who was spotted with a baby bum in the music video.

Speaking on what Ellen Adade said, Strongman has revealed that what the lady said is nothing but lies because he never proposed to her. He further revealed that he was dumbfounded when he saw the story trending on social media

He also revealed that it was him who refused a relationship with her and warned the lady to stop spreading false rumours about him.

Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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