Strongman Looks Like My Dog El Chapo – Medikal

Strongman Looks Like My Dog El Chapo – Medikal Starts Another Beef With Strongman

Ghanaian rapper, Medikal may have just reignited his “beef” with rapper Strongman as he has likened his pet dog, “El Chapo” to the “Pilolo” hitmaker.

In his latest interview, the “Hustle” rapper was in the studios of Okay FM with “El Chapo” the dog to promote his new music.

During the interview, Medikal introduced “El Chapo” to listeners and stated that it was a gift from his god-father.

“It’s a pug actually. It was a gift from Criss Waddle,” he stated.

He continued; “As you can see it’s not like the Ghanaian dogs that live by the roadside. He doesn’t protect you, you protect him.”

When asked by host Abeiku who the puppy resembles, Medikal paused and stated

“He looks like Strongman a little bit.”

Watch video below:

Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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