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Stop wearing those fake wigs and foreign clothes first – Twitter user to Efia Odo

Kwese TV presenter Efia Odo has landed herself in hot water after she tried educating Africans on Twitter about why they should go back to their roots.

Theses comments come after the recent call on African’s living in the diaspora to return to Africa since there is nothing for them out there.

Efia Odo relocated to Ghana from the US and I want to believe she is happy in her country and wants her fellow Africans living abroad to experience the same happiness in their respective African countries.

Her first post read: “The White man came and told us that polygamy is bad, the same white said we should accept homosexuality.”

A lot of people heaped praises on Efia Odo on social media. But the praises soon turned into backlash after she made another statement

“Go back to your roots and stop listening to the white man way of life,” her second post reads.

A Twitter user who wanted her to practice what she was preaching used her own words against her by asking her to stop a lot of things that she copied from the whites first before she advises people to do same.

“Then can U start by stop wearing those fake wigs and foreign clothes Cos it’s not our way of life. Infact stop that ur LAFA trying to sound like the white man cos it’s not our way of speaking”.

See the screenshot below