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Shw3 panyin toto nonso – Medikal to Manifest

Ghana is the best place to be at the moment.

Strongman and Medikal, two rappers in the music industry has got Everyone talking for days about their back-to-back beef songs to each other.

Strongman released Ups and down which he ft Manifest . It was to be a reply to medikal. But things didn’t go like we expected.

Manifest attacked medikal lyrically and the rapper didn’t take it kraa, so he took to his social media to express his feelings

He wrote:

Shw3 panyin toto nonso, 2 galamsey hitless rappers,your abochi wey never get one million views sef on youtube too wan talk some,fella ein ‘my body is doing me something’alone sef blow pass am. Drip drip drip drip, let’s make some money joooo