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Showboy share pictures from jail to mark his first year

Today notches a year since the detention of Co-founder of Amgbusiness group Kwabena Sarfo known in the entertainment industry as ShowBoy.

Showboy is one of the young guys who always got social media buzzing most especially Instagram and Snapchat

His arrest was an assault case filed against him by the late Junior Us who attacked in his own apartment in Atlanta.

In self-defining himself, showboy whack him with scissors while being documented and later summoned to the tribunal.

Showboy sentenced to 15 years in the penitentiary and he will serve 6 years.

In celebrating his first year since the sentence he posted his first-ever jail pictures looking all calmed and fresh, he told his fans and loves one to stay out of trouble and always be in control of their temper.

“Today is exactly a year I got sentenced to prison to serve 6yrs out of 15years .. with Allah all things are possible. am still alive and very healthy happy and very mentally stable. The violence got me fucked up and I advise u learn to control your temper and don’t end up like me.”

A host of Ghanaian celebrities always joined in wishing him well and looking forward to his release soon, one of them is his co-founder and best friend Criss waddle who also posted him on his Snapchat.

From all of us here at RASHGH.COM we wish showboy all the best and hope to see him soon.

Below are some of the pictures.