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See photos of DJ Arafat’s corpse laid in state

DJ Arafat who parted ways with the living in a gory motor accident.

Taking his impact in and outside the nation into account, DJ Arafat’s many relatives, friends and music enthusiasts broke into tears as his corpse was laid in state.

It is worth knowing that the funeral of DJ Arafat is presently taking place in Cote d’ivoire, the capital city. Many stars and celebrities, not excluding Davido, have joined forces in their numbers to offer the superstar’s final farewell.

His dead body had to be escorted by a lot of security officials in a convoy due to demands of his fans to see him in order to believe that he is indeed dead.

About 30,000 fans gathered at his night vigil. As it’s stands, the funeral ground is full to it’s capacity. He will be buried at a cemetery specially prepared for him.

See photos below: