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” Sco pa tu mana ” Is Bigger Than I Will Ever Be- America Rapper Wale Declares

Patapeezy’s Scopatumana is trending worldwide guys.

About a week ago, the term was included in urban dictionary and dictionary.com. Now, American rapper, Wale has declared that the term is even bigger than his whole he could ever be.

Sco pa tu mana, which is now the most used term on Twitter had the Awarding-winning rapper asking if the pace at which the term is trending will ever slow down.
“Sco pa tu mana ain’t slowing down huh? He asked

He didn’t spell the word correctly so a fan corrected him. “It Is Sco Pa Tu Manaa”

Wale had a lot more to say after that “ it’s bigger than I’ll ever be. Trust me my mention of it ain’t doin much”.

This alone is proof that indeed, Ghana is gaining recognition world wide and it is happening so fast.