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Sanitation Minister Apologises To Intern

News emerged recently that Madam Cecilia Dapaah, Minister of sanitation sternly told off an intern when she called for an interview.

Following this news, a group who call themselves Concerned Interns in Media asked her to apologize for being rude to the Intern.

Well, the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources has released a press statement to formally apologize to Rahinatu Abdul Bach on behalf of Madam Cecilia

It was stated in the news release that, the incident came as a shock to them because Madam Cecilia is known to be mediafriendly.

It was emphasized, that the news editor should have given her a prior notice because the call came at a time when she was in a meeting.

The rejoinder further explained that considering the subject of the interview, it would have been proper for a senior reporter to have conducted the interview.

The Ministry, however, wishes that the issue should not be dragged any further because it could affect the existing relationship between the media and sector minister.

“We, however, wish to apologize to the reporter and the media house for any inconvenience caused and hope we will continue to work more closely together” the statement added.