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Samuel Jackson responds to complains about pictures he shared from Ghana

Samuel L. Jackson

American actor Samuel L Jackson, who visited Ghana and other West African countries for the filming of a great documentary ‘Enslaved’ has received some backlash over the pictures he has been posting on social media from the places he visited.

The Legendary actor has been visiting parts of West Africa for the documentary on Slavery, and has been lambasted by some social media users because, he has been sharing pictures of only the deprived locations and not highlighting the beauty of Ghana.

He has responded to the backlash over the pictures he shared from the places he visited.

Ghanaian filmmaker, Leila Djansi expressed her displeasure with a series of comments on the actor’s posts on instagram. One comment reads:

“Go to youtube and look for vlogs that show a real balanced Ghana and other African countries. @samuelljackson has an agenda not different from Western bullshitary. They always have to portray Africa as down trodden, hustling kids, laborers and less than appealing perceptions to keep us down and keep investors away. I can understand why he’d buy into the Western propaganda. Ghana is very modern and beautiful. Yes, there are rural communities entrenched in rich culture and traditions that preserve the dignity of the African. But just as America doesn’t use it’s ghettos as it’s poster child, these photos should not be used to represent Ghana or any other African country. Don’t for once think you’re better than these kids. None of them are on welfare, they’re not entitled, and they’re not being raped or have to fear assault rifles in their schools. There are problems in the country- terrible healthcare, corrupt politicians etc. just like any other country. But before you feel sorry for Africa, first, feel guilt. Because the continent was raped and robbed to make America and other Western powers great via slavery and colonization.”

Renowned Ghanaian blogger, Ameyaw Debrah humbly requested an interview with Samuel Jackson via Twitter to talk about the issue.

He wrote:” @SamuelLJackson Hello Sir, how are you doing? I’ve seen growing concerns from Africans about you not balancing your posts on your visit with some of developed city life also. Can I interview you on that?”

The actor replied by saying that he posted what caught his attention.

“There’s nothing to unload here. I posted what caught my eye & know all too well that the posts coming from the continent show an affluent, modern & high fashion lifestyle enjoyed by many. Who cares what my hotel room looked like?!” Said Jackson

A Twitter user, BabyFisty also suggested that he shares pictures of the grand hotel he slept in rather than pictures which will send the wrong impression about West Africa.

Jackson replied by saying; ”Seriously? “They”?! Apparently you have the ability to open our eyes… so Do It!! Sorry you feel… whatever it is you feel. For the record, I Loved Every Minute I Was There!!!!”