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The proposal to build a new chamber for Ghana’s parliamenthas received a lot of negative reactions from Ghanaians.

Musician Samini has fired shots at John Dumelo who added his voice to the decision of parliament to build a new camber.

The Ghanaian actor turned farmer, like many other Ghanaians questioned this decision in a series of tweets. He suggested that the money which is going to be used to build this 450-seatstructure can be used to embark on a project which will have a direct benefit on the ordinary Ghanaian.

He tweeted, that he has a strong feeling parliament will not go ahead with this project because, there are more pressing matters such as; jobs for the youth, good healthcare, roads etc.

‘’$200m can can build 10 factories to employ 10,000 youth. We the youth are pleading with parliament. Yes it’s necessary but pls don’t build that chamber now. #DropThatChamber’’.

But it looks like these tweets from actor John Dumelo agitated the musician who fired shots at Dumelo, putting him in a tight corner.

In a series of tweets, the ‘’Linda’’ hit maker talked about the many ways in which our leaders our failing and asked John Dumelo not to get involved in the issue of the chamber until he tells the whole story about the V8; a car Dumelo was accused of driving without approval from the government.

The two have been at each other’s throats since, and Dumelo is not taking the issue lightly as all. He claims he knows many issues about the musician which can damage his music career.