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Sainsbury’s compares Beyoncé’s Ivy Park range to its uniform and Twitter loses it

Sainsbury's compares Beyoncé's Ivy Park range to its uniform

Sainsbury’s has poked fun at Beyoncè’s latest Ivy Park collection after fans compared the sporty garments to the supermarket’s staff uniforms.

The singer’s newest collection is a collaboration with Adidas and features several items that come in the same maroon and orange colour palette as the Sainsbury’s staff uniforms.

Products included in the sportswear collection include sports bras, tennis skirts, cycling shorts and tracksuit tops.

“I really cannot un-see the Sainsbury’s-esque vibe on Beyoncè’s latest release and I hate whoever brought the comparison to light.” tweeted one person.

Another teased: ”Not sure how Sainsbury’s workers are going to feel about their new uniforms…”

The new Ivy Park x Adidas collection drops online today, and to mark the occasion, Sainsbury’s tweeted a photograph of one of its staff members wearing the maroon zip-up hoodie that is part of their uniform.