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Rick Ross, Leslie Jones and Wesley Snipes To Star In The Sequel Of ‘Coming To America’


Are you ready people? Because it’s about to get lit real soon as the sequel of the 1988 comedy movie ‘Coming to America’ hits the theatre.

It has been 31 years since Coming to America was introduced and after a long time, it was recently announced that there is going to be a sequel.

Just some few hours ago, it was reported that Rick Ross has be casted for a role in the 1988 classic alongside Leslie Jones, Wesley Snipper and more. (Looks like the movie is about to get lit)

It has also been confirmed that Eddie Murphy will reprise his role as Akeem as well as Arsenio Hall as Semmi.

Fans have been waiting for a part two of this movie for a long time and it is finally here.

Craig Brewer is said to be the director of the sequel and hopefully, it will be as trilling as the first.