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Queen Mother of Ashanti Exposes Badu Kobi

The controversial Prophet, Who has recently been in the news for his unpleasant comments about Ashanti women has been exposed by the Queen Mother of Ashanti.

In a video spotted on GhPage TV on YouTube, the Royal Queen mother revealed that, Prophet Kobi is not an Ashanti as he claims and that his father used to work as a servant at the Menhyia Palace.

She explained that the fact that he grew up at the palace does not make him a Royal or an Ashanti.

She further revealed that the Prophet’s name is not ‘Kobi’ like he wants everyone to believe, but rather ‘Kobri’ (excuse my spelling), which is the name of a gods.

Adding that the Prophet was a practicing fetch priest who later decided to use ‘church ‘ as a cover up because he was gaining prominence.

She went ahead to say that Ashanti women are far from what he perceives them to be because they are virtuous women who where brought up well.

This and many more is what she had to say about what the controversial Prophet’s said

Watch video below: