Power of Love

I have been thinking about emotions lately. Their depth, their intricacies, their flow. How they are much more powerful than logic, whether we admit to this or not. Then, I started thinking about the emotions that are especially more powerful than others, at least for me. Love is one of them. Love is probably a strong emotion for all humans. I am not only talking about romantic love. Love for all humans. Love for cats. Love for dogs.

Our life revolves around love. We always want to love someone or something. The aim of life is to find the right person or thing to form a love connection. It is the forming of a love connection that makes us the happiest and it is the loss of it that destroys us the most.

Love can be conditional: we might want to feel safe and a loved one gives us safety. And safety is a very basic human need, so we fulfill that. But I like to think that love is not so conditional in general. It is just what governs other emotions. It is the king of emotions. This is because we can sacrifice a lot of things for a truly loved one, even our lives. And that is definitely not safe.

Love governs our individual emotional lives. By extension, love governs humanity. What happens if we lose it? Big crimes happen. One can only torture someone else if s/he lost the love in himself/herself. Wars can be started only when love is consumed.

Hopefully, we do not want that. So, to keep our love going, let’s show our loved ones some emotion today. Give them some gifts. Talk to them. Take them for a walk or to a dinner. Give your child some time and play with him/her. If you have a pet, just pat them a little. Revive the love in you. Love is the shield against bad emotions. Let’s keep it going.

Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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