Photos of man easing himself on Jubilee House grass goes viral

The majority of us have been in that situation when we have that deadly stomach upset while in town and there is no place of convenience closer for one rush and let go of the waste.

Sometimes we try begging people around to allow us to use their washrooms, some may agree others might give excuses because its hard to trust people these days.

In a rather bizarre twist, a man has been captured in a photo with his pants down allegedly easing himself on the beautiful lawns in front of the Jubilee House, the seat of Ghana’s government.

It is not clear whether or not the man is mentally stable or he’s on a one man protest against the recent hikes in prices of goods and services which has affected the fee per user for attending nature’s call.

A recent public service notice which went viral on social media had indicated that the fee per user for attending to nature’s call at a public toilet had also been affected, increasing from GHC0.50 to GHC1.00.

Twitter user, @Amegaxi, shared the photo on his handle with a caption which said: ”I just saw someone taking a sh!t around Flagstaff House.” 

See Screenshot below:

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Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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