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‘No One Should Take Kofi Adjorlolo Seriously’- Ola Michael Fires Back

Filmmaker and entertainment critic, Ola Michael has fired back at veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo over his recent rant that producers have failed to pay for featuring in their movies.

In the interview with Doreen Avio of Joy, Ola explained that the actor never completes his task onset yet, he always expect producers to pay him in full.

He further branded him as a cheat who tries to reap where he has not sowed.

“We [Mad House Production] contracted him [Adjorlolo] on a set, we had a number of days to execute that project but before we started he said his mum had passed on and would like to seek permission midway to go but three people quickly rubbished his claim indicating that Adjorlolo’s mum passed on two years ago and has been using the same excuse over and over…,” the entertainment critic revealed.

“Now you leave the set without completing your scenes, go for a certain funeral that we didn’t even know was true or not and then call me four days after we’re done with the production that you are now available to complete your scenes, who does that?” he asked.

He ended by stating: “I had to replace him with another person and change the entire script so that it would not appear that he [Adjorlolo] left in the middle of the shoot…so for you to come back and say I owe you is totally out of place..”