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New Photos Of Actor Jaden Smith Of ‘Karate Kid’ Will Get You Worried

We all can remember the very lovely, and cute Jaden Smith from the hit movie “Karate kid”. He is the son to the popular actor Will Smith, he was 11 at that time, and his acting was unarguably top notch.

He acted alongside legendary actor Jackie Chan, and he was the main character in the movie. His performance in the movie really made people see him as a very prominent star actor in the future as his career was just kicking off then, unfortunately, he took on a different part from what people expected.

He also rapped in the movie’s soundtrack “Never say Never” which futures pop singer Justin Bieber, fast forward to 2015, he really got into the rap game, and some appearances he was putting up had a lot of fans concerned.

Jaden Smith In Karate Kid

Jaden Smith Now

Jaden Smith Movies

Some felt he had issues with his mental health, while others felt he was just being himself since he was a rich kid, and a rapper they felt there was nothing more he could do than act that way.

Well, what do you believe went wrong with the young pop star?

source: foxvibes.com