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Natural Hair – The New Ish

Natural Hair - The New Ish

Natural hair has been around since the beginning of time. Africans however grew accustomed to adding chemicals to their hair to make it longer and relaxed, but somehow, Africans are starting to embrace their natural hair and rocking it like bosses whether it’s a twist out, a cornrow, braids, a bun or a fro.

But more often than not, people find it difficult to maintain their length while others suffer with thin edges. I must say, maintaining natural hair is a difficult task but the end result is totally worth it. 

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To grow your natural hair, you need to know three basic things which I call ‘’ The Triple Threat’’: patience, consistency and the right products.

Patience because honey! You need a lot of it. Natural hair takes time and care to grow. Your hair many be growing but due to the kinkiness of natural hair, you won’t get the length you seek in a jiffy.

Furthermore, you need to be Consistent. When you start your natural hair care journey, you do not stop. You need to move on even when you don’t see immediate results.

Lastly, the wrong type of product on your natural hair can lead to your doom. Choose the right products so your hair doesn’t get damaged. 



Put your hair in a protective style regularly. It could be a cornrow, bantu knots, twist outs, box braids (avoid if you have thin edges), crochet braids etc. This gives your hair a breathing space. Brushing or combing your hair all the time will lead to breakages.

Like I said, use the right products. Use natural oils such as coconut oil, argon oil, olive oil, shea butter etc. shea butter is pretty cheap and easily assessable. I personally recommend Shea Moisture, Cantu, REVLON & ORS Products. These products work like magic!

Wash and deep condition your hair regularly. House hold ingredients such as: eggs, banana, mayonnaise etc. Can be used as deep conditioners, it works just the same as any product.

Lastly, wear satin bonnets and scarfs or sleep on a satin pillow.


Avoid products with sulphate. I repeat, AVOID PRODUCTS WITH SULPHATE. If you wish to retain the volume of your hair, then you should avoid products with sulphate at all cost. Sulphate washes away the oil in your hair, leaving it dry and prone to breakage. When buying a hair product, check the label to make sure the product is ‘’sulphate free ‘’before you purchase.

Avoid heat as much as possible. Too much heat leads to brittle hair and split ends.

I know we like to save money at all cost so we tend to keep one hair style for a very long time. This practice leads to hair breakage and should be avoided.

Do not comb on dry hair. Sprinkle a little bit of water on your hair before combing. You can mix water with oil in a bottle as a hair moisturize before combing or styling.

To sum up, do not dry your hair with cotton towels and avoid sleeping on a cotton pillow. Cotton absorbs the oil from your hair and leaves it dry and vulnerable. 

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