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Mr. Eazi speaks at Havard Business school

The music business these days for African artists is enhancing from digital stores, Youtube views, online streams and toping notable charts approximating that of artists in the diaspora.

One of the very hard-working artists on the African continent looking forward to owning most of this online distribution and music streaming pages is Nigerian Afrobeat superstar Mr. Eazi, his the brain behind empawa Africa putting upcoming artists on and funding their projects.

In the hours of yesterday, making such same moves, Mr. Eazi was at the Harvard business school speaking in a conference with some industry players.

This is what he wrote,
“Was a Vibe Speaking at the Harvard Business School Africa Business Conference @hbsabc with some of the most insightful minds in the business! It’s the decade of Cultural exportation! Now is the best time to invest in the creative Sector & we ( Africans ) must learn from history & Own in every sense! Governments must direct Policy to create the environment for Creative Entrepreneurs to thrive!!! This is not a drill!”

Kudos to Mr. Kazi and his team for putting African on once again.