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MOBILE MONEY GIRL – Medikal Jabs Nikki Samonas for Supporting Strongman

It seems rapper Medikal is on edge, ready to attack anyone who shows the slightest bit of support to his rival Strongman.

The rapper fired shots at actress Nikki Samonas after she responded to a tweet by Nana Aba Amamoah explaining to her the meaning of a line in Strongmen’s diss truck Don’t Try.

Nana Aba tweeted ‘’wa huhru s3 nkofie. Massa @Strongman, what is nkofie?

Nikki decided to give Nana Aba a harmless explanation to what ‘’nkofie’’ meant. ‘’ Yam mound…planting yam…a heap up into a rounded pile’’ and it 

This reply obviously didn’t go down well with Medikal who responded by insulting Nikki ignoring the tweet from Nana Aba which started this squabble (I wonder why though). He threatened to expose her in ways that she wouldn’t be able to handle.

He tweeted;

‘’If I start to release your keys er, ego under u, mobile money fo)’’

It appears his funs are not happy with what he said about Nikki and have expressed their displeasure on Twitter as well.