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Missy Elliot To Drop New Album Soon After 14 Years

After 14 long years, the legendary Missy Elliot is finally blessing us with what we have all been waiting for: a new album. Her latest cover story for new issue of Marie Claire insinuates that the award winning rapper and Hall of Fame-inducted writer is ready to drop her new album.

After hits song like ‘’shake your pom pom’’, ‘’get your freak on’’ and ‘’am bitter’ ’Missy Elliot says it’s time to make street dudes dance again and I believe it! because she is one of the pioneer female MC’s in the rap game and she never disappoints. 

She got very candid at a point saying ‘’one thing I always say, you will always get respect, but you won’t be hot forever….You have to mentally be prepared for those ups and downs’’. (Don’t we just love her).

She however hasn’t given any details concerning the album.