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Michael Jordan cries in moving speech at Kobe Bryant’s memorial

Michael Jordan cries in moving speech at Kobe Bryant's memorial

One of the most powerful speeches of the afternoon came from Michael Jordan, who spent nearly 10 minutes eulogizing Kobe, who he considered a little brother. It was Jordan like you’ve never seen before, as he spoke fondly about the close friendship he shared with Kobe with tears streaming down his face. He said that when Kobe died, a piece of him died too, and spoke to the gravity of his death on the basketball community. 

Jordan shared how Kobe would always ask him for tips on his game, and that while at first, it was annoying, he grew to love the relationship they had. It was awe-inspiring to watch a usually inaccessible Jordan be so vulnerable and open, and it speaks to just how tragic Kobe’s passing was. He even added some comic relief when he mentioned the crying Jordan meme, but ended his speech talking about how Kobe has inspired him to become the best “girl dad” to his six-year-old twin daughters. 

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