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Losing My Job Does Not Mean My Life Is Over – Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay has been in the news a lot lately for the wrong reasons.

It first started with a picture she took with former president Kufour which went viral.

The former president was seen looking at what seems to be her chest area and fans lambasted her for it especially because of her caption. She deleted the picture from Instagram and offered an apology to the ex-president.

Then it was rumored that her name had been taken out of the list of YEA ambassadors. People were quick to relate this to the viral picture with the ex-president.

But instead of lashing out or reacting negatively, she has replied her haters the way a true artiste is supposed to.

She sang in a new post spotted on her instagram page, to let haters know that the fact that she has lost a job does not mean her life is over.
“If I lose my job eno Dey mean say I lose my life”

This received a lot of emotional reactions from her fans.

Watch video below: