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Koffee Says Kendrick Lamar Collab Is On The Way

Koffee Says Kendrick Lamar Collab Is On The Way

Does Koffee have a new collaboration in the works with Kendrick Lamar?

Rapper Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest artists in his genre and of his time. Many other artists, both young and old, aspire to work with the “Loyalty” rapper at some point in their career, and Jamaica’s 19-year-old Koffee is no different. The reggae artiste recently said in an interview that she has met Kendrick Lamar and would love to work with him. After winning her first Grammy on January 26, there are only so many great accolades left to accomplish. They seem an easier feat now that Koffee is among the elites who have taken home the coveted trophy, and she did so in a history-making fashion.

The youngest ever and the first woman to win the Grammy for Best Reggae Album, Koffee is making an impact across the globe, and she is far from done. She is already a part of the lineup for this year’s Coachella festival in Indi, California. The reggae songstress announced that she has “a game plan for 2020” on the Grammy red carpet. When asked if she was interested in collaborating with more hip hop artists, the “Toast” singer lit up with excitement and gave a definite answer.

Not long after suggesting that she would love to work with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, it appears Koffee may be closer to getting the green light on the project. During another recent interview with RBC Music, the singer was asked about her dream collaborations or anything in the pipeline. In response, Koffee name-dropped Kendrick once again. “Actually I’d love to be working with Kendrick Lamar very soon,” she said. What was different this time was the conviction in her tone and the carefulness of her sentence arrangement. Not only did Koffee imply that they were already in talks to do a project together, but it wasn’t her first time calling out Kendrick. 

Though she might just be speaking it into being, the singer reiterated with a playful “Yeah, yeah” after her answer that seemed way too confident to be anything less than her current reality. At this point, it appears less that she’s prompting Kendrick Lamar to reach out and collaborate and more like it’s already happening, and she can’t announce it yet. Plus, she previously admitted that she has already met the rapper.

While we’re only speculating, you are free to see the interview with your own eyes and decipher for yourself if a Kendrick Lamar collab seems to be underway.