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Know Your Rhesus Status And How It Affects Your Pregnancy

A lot of Africans see hospital check up’s’ as a thing for the rich. But that does not have to be the case. It is important that we check our health from time to time because sometimes, the things we take for granted and are the very ones that cause us serious problems and an example is ‘Rhesus factor’.

Do you know your Rh status? I believe the answer to this question for most of us is ‘’NO’’.

From way before I was even born, Africans have been attributing childlessness to superstitious believes when in actual fact, the situation is caused by a biological factor. This ignorance has affected most families greatly then and even now.

Rhesus Incompatibility is one of the causes of bareness in women. How? Read below

The term Rhesus factor refers to an antigen that exists on the surface of red blood cell in about 85% of humans and it is generic. It is inherited from parents, most especially fathers.

To be considered a Rhesus Positive individual, your need to have an A+, B+, or O+ blood type. People who also have Rhesus Negative have the A-, B- or O- blood types.

Being Rh positive means that a protein (D antigen) is found on the surface of your red blood cell and if you are Rh negative, you do not have the (D antigen) on the blood cell.

It is very important to know your Rh status in order to make the right decision about marriage and childbirth.

Generally, Rh factor does not affect your health, but if you want to have children, it is important to know your Rh status.

The long and shot of it is that, a couple who are both Rh negative can have children without any problems. However, if a woman is Rh negative and is impregnated by a man who is Rh positive, the will be a huge problem if the child inherits (Rh positive) from the father. This situation is termed; Rhesus Factor Incompatibility

Once the baby’s Rh positive comes into contact with the woman’s Rh negative during delivery, the antibodies are immediately activated by the woman’s body’s immune system.

How does is affect pregnancy?

Women with Rh activated antibodies are considered Rh ‘sensitized’ and until a woman dies, activated antibodies can never be deactivated. So when the Rh positive blood cell from a baby crosses the bloodstream of a mother who is Rh negative during child birth, abortion or a miscarriage, the antibodies well see new Rh positive as a treat or foreign material and due to that, they would attack and destroy it, preventing a woman from having any more children after the first child.

Know your Rhesus status today and make the right choice.