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Keche’s wife reveals she makes $700 million every year (Video)

Keche's wife reveals she makes $700 million every year

CEO of Golden Empire Legacy Limited and Wife of Keche Andrews, Joana has revealed that she’s makes at least $700,000,000 every year.

According to her, when she started in the beginning, she was only making about $200,000 but as the business grew, she makes close a billion dollars yearly.

She revealed this in a yet to be aired episode of the Delay Show”.

When asked by Delay what the most money she has made in her career was, she replied:

When I started in the beginning, I made $200,000 a year and then it increased to $400,000, and then $500,000 and then $1,000,000. But now I make close to $700 million a year.

Watch Snippet of interview below: