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Andrew Cudjoe of Keche fame has been nabbed GHC 770.00 for making an illegal U-turn on the Tema Motorway.

Andrew and 40 other culprits where fined by the La District Magistrate Court for making an illegal U- turn at the Tema Motorway.

There were rumours on social media that the culprits tried to fight the police while some couldn’t pay the 50 pesewas toll which is why they made the illegal U-turn . Joshua Kojo Ampah who is Andrew Cudjoes colleague dismissed these rumour in an interview with Citi News. He went ahead to urge their fans not to repeat this mistake.

It was confirmed by Citi news that one of the culprits failed to pay the fines ranging from GHC 600 to GHC 780 and spent the night at the Accra Central MTTD cells as a results.

The Tema Motorway has over the years been an accident zone and therefore, caution must be taken when using that route. 

Just as we have rights which we will go to any lengths for it to be respected, we also have responsibilities as citizens and we must endeavour to carry out our responsibilities as patriotic citizens by doing what is right.