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Jackie Appiah goes back to School

Jacqueline Appiah (Jackie Appiah), who is arguably one of Ghana’s most revered actress has embarked on a capacity-building training at London School of Public Relations (LSPR) in London, United Kingdom.

A video circulating online shows the actress in an executive one-on-one session at LSPR’s main training centre located at Kensington, an affluent district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in the West End of central London.

She pursuing a professional development training course in Branding.

The course equips participants with the needed skills and knowledge on how to create successful, engaging and effective communications strategies and campaigns for a brand.

The course also teaches participants how to convert a product or service into a successful brand, control brand message, ensure effective stakeholder branding experiences and engagement, engage with online brand communities and influencers as well as protecting a brand’s reputation through robust reputation management strategies.

The London School of Public Relations currently operates in about 15 countries worldwide including Ghana. Its training courses are highly regarded both in the UK and globally. LSPR has trained over 150 top global brands including TOTAL, Air France, Sky, Cartier, McDonald’s, British Airways, Barclays Bank, Newcastle City Council, Siemens, The Boston Consulting Group and more.