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Ivorian Pastor promises to resurrect DJ Arafat

An Ivorian pastor who has been identified as Koffi Duchrist has declared that he is going to bring the deceased Ivorian musician, DJ Arafat back to life because he has the power to do so.

According to him, he just needs the go ahead from him family and from Minister Hameb Bakayoko, godfather of DJ Arafat to display his powers in front of everyone to resurrect Arafat.

Speaking French in a Facebook live video he said;

“God told me to do this live and wait for a period of 5 days, that is to say by Friday at the latest, that I get in touch with the family of Dj Arafat. If the family of Dj Arafat calls me at once I will leave and whatever the number of formol they put in the body of Arafat, the Lord Jesus will resurrect it,”
He also added that;

I get the impression that there are people who do not like arafat revive, I have the impression that there are wizards in this business, so stay calm, I’ll tell you, because when God has opened a door nobody can shut it up.

Arafat will get up and take the microphone to sing.”