Internet mourns death of YouTuber grandpa who cooked epic meals for orphans

YouTuber grandpa who cooked epic meals for orphans

News of the passing of YouTube’s favourite Indian grandpa, Narayana Reddy, plunged the Internet community into mourning on Oct. 30.

A video was uploaded onto Grandpa Kitchen YouTube channel on Oct. 30, confirming that Reddy had passed away on Oct. 27, at 73 years old.

Reddy, who was affectionately known by his followers as Grandpa, was famous for his generous heart and cooking huge feasts for orphans.

With more than six million subscribers on YouTube since its inception two years ago, he was known for starting videos with his favourite catchphrase:

Loving, Caring, Sharing, this is my family!

His cooking videos were highly popular, often amassing millions of views.

Weeks before his passing, fans noticed that he had stopped appearing on the channel’s regular videos. His son, Shrikant Reddy, who often helps out in his videos, explained that Grandpa needed to take a break, and would be back soon.

It was his last appearance on the channel before his passing.

Grandpa Kitchen also provided basic necessities like food, clothing, school supplies and birthday gifts to the orphans.

It is unsure whether the channel will continue running after his death, but the rest of Grandpa’s team has taken over since he stopped his cooking duties since last month.

However, it is certain that the YouTuber had touched hundreds of lives during his time, and truly made the world a kinder place.

Mix well, Grandpa. You will be missed.

Richard Haruna

Richard Haruna

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