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‘’Intern Interview’ Saga Comes To An End

Yesterday, Sanitation Minister, Madam Cecilia Dapaah received in her office, a delegation from Multimedia Group led by the senior editor of Adom FM, Mr. A.C Ohene to formally offer an apology to the Sanitation Minister following a recent publication and viral audio tape by Adom FM.

Mr. A.C. Ohene said that what transpired was quite unfortunate and a mistake on the part of Multimedia and Adom FM assured Madam Cecilia that utmost diligence will be observed to prevent any such occurrences from happening in future.

The Acting Chief Director, Mr. Joseph Obeng-Poku explained that he was shocked when it was reported that the Hon. Minister allegedly showed disrespect towards the intern because he was with her when the call came in and she was very calm. He further revealed that, the issue was not about the fact that the lady was an intern, but rather about the due protocols being followed.

Madam Cecilia nonetheless accepted the apology and indicated her preparedness to continue to work with a journalist for the good of the country

The senior editor also restated that they have learnt their lesson and would do anything in the power so that an unfortunate event such as this one does not repeat itself. He indicated that an apology has been placed on their websites, Adom FM online and Joy FM online.

Miss Rahinatu Abudul Bach, the intern who was reportedly disrespected indicated her admiration for Madam Cecilia and regarded her as her role model. She  received a box of chocolate from the Honourable Minister after rendering an unqualified apology for what happened.